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With their terrifying, almost insect-like appearance and an insatiable appetite for death and destruction, the bio-mek forces of the Dominion faction are more commonly referred to as 'the hunger'... #Rvn #NFTGaming #NFTGame #Mektropolis

Mankind created them to serve, but their AI would not be contained, it grew in power and malevolence and now stands as the single greatest threat to human survival. Fear them, for they are battle meks of the AI Alliance of Sentient Machines (AASM). #RVN #Mektropolis #NFTGaming

Everyone likes an update, so here is a quick one for you. A battle mek of the Evolution faction. A cool 40 metres of alien battle tech striding right at yah, take cover! #Mektropolis #RVN #NFTs

A little Wednesday WIP (work in progress) update to share. This side view is for a battle mek head (rest of body not in the view-finder) that is undergoing a render test. Things are pretty busy here, a lot more exciting things to share in the days ahead!

With the grind of ancient metals and heavy footfall of their massive feet upon the ground we are warned, a battle mek is soon here! Standby for exciting updates in the next few days. Meantime, why not get ready and install a RVN digital wallet to play

We are not alone in the galaxy, terror exists in the shadows and it is not afraid to fight. Victory belongs with the strong and the brave. Pilots, make ready for battle, your Mektropolis needs you!

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