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The advanced technologies and craftsmanship of some Alien Mek designs seem almost beautiful. But, the havoc and destruction they can bring upon you is no such thing... Beware, the enemy xenos approach!

Did you know, in the 26th century big shoulder pads are making a comeback?'s time to make your own deadly fashion statements. #RVN #Mektropolis #NFTgaming

It's seems a while since we looked at #Mektropolis non-human factions, so here is a quick reminder of an AI Mek variant, posed in idle animation with power sword. Remember, in-game a human sized character would only stand level with this monster's blue toes... #NFTGaming #RVN

How better to beat those Monday back-to-work blues, than with some more #Mektropolis #RVN work in progress? This (cute but deadly) #NFTgaming spider tank is showing off some of its animation work in progress.

Good things come in pairs, so here is are some #Mektropolis AI pilots in both masculine and feminine forms. You just might be needing some after all to crew that awesome AI battle Mek, assault ship or other big #NFT weapon system you picked up to crush your #NFTGame opponents!

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