Game Narrative


The Mektropolis game is in a public beta release phase. You can download the game and start playing for free now.

However in doing so you accept:

This is not a finished game and will change and improve over time. we recommend that all testers subscribe to our discord channel for updates and to make feedback. 

this beta is currently for windows only, we are however working on a linux version and will release that soon. please register your interest in the linux beta through our discord channel.

The download button here will call an installer (~190MB) that will then complete the install (~10GB) and in the future keep your game automatically up to date.

IMPORTANT: Mektropolis (beta) is distributed as a free game with no warranty as to quality or fitness of purpose. Users who install the game do so at their own risk and we accept no liability for loss or damages howsoever caused.

NOTE: due to the currently small number of beta installs being made of Mektropolis, it is possible that your antivirus software or Windows itself may flag Mektropolis as low installs / high risk. this should disappear as more and more people install it.