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1.21 Player Factions


1. Krangat 4th Echelon [K4E]

An advanced alien civilisation first encountered by man in the 23rd Century, the K4E were at first peaceful and interactions were uneventful, however this rapidly changed when humanity’s expansion was seen as a threat to their dominance. Although mankind was at first able to hold back the limited numbers of attacks from the K4E, as the AI Wars progressed and mankind was weakened, no time was wasted by the K4E in taking advantage.

This faction’s obsession with their species’ own purity and technological advancement, causes them to be known commonly as the evolution.

2. AI Alliance of Sentient Machines (AASM)

Man’s greatest achievement became his greatest error, artificial intelligence was supposed to liberate humans and for a time it did, before it turned and tried to enslave and finally, eliminate them. The AI Wars were long and bloody, at least for humanity, and ended only with the surviving sentient machines (‘sents’) fled into the outer rims of known space. But AI doesn’t sleep, it plans, builds and waits for the opportunity to finish its programming, the end of man.

The AI nature of this faction and its members, causes it to be known as the synths, or the sents.

3. The Dominion [TD]

The origins of this terrifying, insect-like race are shrouded in mystery, some believe them to be bio weapons created by another race, others believe they are a grotesque but natural evolution. The effects of their arrival in any human space is clear however, destruction on a massive scale.

The insatiable appetite for destruction that is the hallmark of the Dominion, causes this faction to be known fearfully as the hunger.

4. Universal Federation of Mankind [UFM]

Following the early expansion of mankind across the stars, and the alien and AI wars, the surviving inhabited human planets united under a loose coalition known as the Universal Federation of Mankind (UFM). Each inhabited star system or significant planet is likely to be led by a wealthy family known as a house, led by a Duke (or Duchess).

These powerful families are represented at the federation level and in turn, commit military forces to defend their zone of influence. Intrigue and betrayal are common however, as each of the houses vies amongst the others for increased influence, wealth and perhaps one day, to be the ultimate power.

The hierarchical structure of surviving humanity, based as it now is on noble houses, causes this faction to be known simply as the dukes.

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