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Mektropolis is a cross-platform multiplayer gaming system, set in a distant and dangerous future time where humanity and its enemies fight for supremacy in mighty machines of war, commonly known as Mektro.

Metropolis is a blockchain-enabled game, meaning players can buy and sell items, earn money and attach non-fungible tokens (NFT) to the game, including earned skills and purchased items.


Bring your own wallet or have one automatically created for you on joining, either way Mektropolis is an ideal way to introduce yourself to blockchain gaming.

While other blockchain games have created their own tokens in order to profit from their players, we believe strongly in giving back to our gaming community and so we use the Ravencoin (RVN) blockchain, which is a computer graphics card (GPU) mineable crypto coin based on Bitcoin, but with added features for NFTs and other aspects. This means that not only can you earn RVN by trading and playing the game, you can also mine your own RVN on your computer and directly import any balances to Mektropolis, meaning you need never buy external funding, just mine it.


Mektropolis supports non-fungible tokens (NFT) for player skins, skills, items and other attributes. Players can import, export and trade NFTs within the game strategically, for fun, and even for profit.

The in-game ‘tokenomics’ for Mektropolis are designed to give back to players in a paid-to-play metaverse.

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