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3.22 Obtaining RVN

Ravencoin (RVN) is the blockchain currency that underpins the Mektropolis universe. Although you do not need RVN coins to sign up and start exploring then playing in the metaverse, you will still need an RVN wallet to manage any coins or tokens you obtain from or bring to the game.

The game wallet is automatically created for you when you sign up, and will be different to any personal RVN wallet you have outside in the real world. Don’t worry, we do not have access to your own RVN wallet and we have procedures in place that encourage you to cash out any accumulations of RVN that builds up within your in-game wallet. We do this because we believe the safest place for your RVN is in your own wallet, not the game one. Moving RVN about only costs 0.1 RVN in ‘gas fees’ and so its simple and easy to do.

The ways to obtain RVN for use the Mektropolis game are currently as follows:

  1. Mine it directly using your computer GPU (graphics card). Most modern gaming computers are capable of doing this. Any RVN ‘mined’ in this way can be easily added to your playing stash.
  2. Buy RVN from an exchange in return for ‘fiat’ (real world money), and add it you your playing stash.
  3. Exchange from another cryptocurrency or token you hold into RVN, then add this to your playing stash. Such swaps can take place on exchanges you may have an account on, such as Binace.com, or directly using blockchain exchange sites such as https://changenow.io/.

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