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1.11 The Beginning

Mektropolis is a cross-platform and multiplayer 3D strategy and combat gaming system for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS systems, with upcoming support for virtual reality (VR) accessories.

Set in a distant and dangerous future, humanity and its enemies compete for supremacy using mighty machines of war, commonly known as Battle Meks, or Mektro. In-game these breathtaking Mektro move among, and fight with (or against) other player and non-player assets and characters at the usual human scale.

The game metaverse is blockchain-enabled, meaning that players can buy and sell digital items, earn digital money and attach non-fungible tokens (NFT) to their game, including NFT’s of their earned skills and equipment, as well as purchased or traded items.

Humanity expanded out across the stars in a glorious time of discovery, peace and enlightenment, as countless planets were discovered, colonised and terraformed. Fooled by the success of past AI technologies and so sure of a brighter future, the first uncontained AI’s were created in the belief they would serve for the greater good. This was a mistaken belief, and one destined to cost humanity so very much.

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