Roundup: October 2021

It is difficult for us to keep social media and other channels updated while still working on the metaverse, but it is clear a lot of people are hungry to know how things are going here, so we are introducing a roundup, which we hope to keep monthly but lets see how it goes, here is the first.

Game Engine
As our regulars will know-our game engine of choice is Unreal Engine 4.0 (UE4), and all key aspects of the game play take place here. The team has not been resting and a lot of gameplay physics improvements have been made for movement and damage animations. The first week of November 2021 we expect to start testing with improved model skins, which will be really helpful as the closer we get to our final model variants, the easier it is to build the UE4 scripting for them (covering such things as fluid movements, actions and reactions etc). We hope to have some work in progress animations of walking meks for you to see shortly, so stay tuned, exciting times!

The keen-eyed among you will have seen the release of four short stories now, one for each of the key factions. These are teasers on the road to a fully-fledged backstory and we will be adding a lot more in-house and (hopefully) user-contributed details in the future. Also, we are currently converting these four stories into comic / graphic-novel format, so they will be released one-by-one again as this happens, so be sure to watch for that. We are really excited about this area of metaverse development, and feel that as our game backstory evolves, this will be a growth area of engagement and fun for everyone, remember, we are fans too!

For some teasers on faction development take a look below at some colourised meks of the Evolution and the Dukes – players will have various skin options in-game, but a teaser for now seems a good way to bring it more to life.

We are very happy with the progress so far ,and hope you are also excited about the game evolution. Stay tuned for more updates in November!